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This past Saturday I attended a funeral service for a very dear lady whose house we built with a fair sized crew from 2001-2003. Emerging into the daylight afterward I snapped the foregoing sky picture. She has left a gaping hole in the existence of many, especially of course in the life of her husband, mother, daughter, and sister, but in other faces, too, one could see how her gentleness and friendship made it difficult to let her go.

It must be even harder believing that at the moment of death it is all over. Once, a long time ago, I was called a coward for believing in the continuity of life through the spirit. To my mind the latter belief is much less refutable than the former. That is to say I find it hard to reasonably refute the existence of God and from this knowledge springs hope eternal.

Believing that life goes on after death is not for the faint of heart. With powerlessness and not much but hope one steps into unknown gardens.

At any rate, the loving person Ketty was, and our semi regular meetings, often on the side of the road as she walked there with her dog, make her absence hard to take for me and she is very much in my prayers.


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