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5 Dec 2007: Last weekend had a load of snow turning wet and heavy almost immediately. An occurrence like this shows that a float house should not be left totally unattended. Having gone through the learning curve of experience Frankie and I kept our docks clean as much as possible, and when it came to the final crunch I cleaned the flat roof once again (it is amazing how a heavy load of snow on the roof can unbalance a float house). Afterward I went to the A dock where things were going a bit wrong. One house was partly submerged, another had lost all its freeboard. The marina was busy with the first house and I took care of the second one. Getting docks and houses in general back to a safe situation was a communal effort.

The little house that still is partly submerged has a system of anchor chains tied to it where there should have been pilings. Apparently the quick release shackles could not be unhooked. I wonder how the little house will ever be raised. An engineer from the Municipality must have worked on this harebrained scheme. Years ago, at the height of the float home’s struggle for survival and legitimacy, voices were heard suggesting burning us out of hearth and home. One cannot help but wonder if some of those people came up with this anchoring system, thinking that if you can’t burn em sink em. The system, mentioned in an earlier posting, is a heavy weight on the back of our float homes.

At any rate this coming Friday we are moving back to A dock and shall find out all about it. Meanwhile some stuff has to be taken off board to keep the weight factor as it is. That probably means moving some tools that shouldn’t be in the house anyway.


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