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On Leaving Facebook

Facebook is becoming a bit of a drag. It doesn’t really bring people closer, even though it is an easy way of keeping in touch for many. My first facebook account got out of hand with friends and requests, all people unknown to me. Closing that one was a matter of just closing the account. In the present account I know every one of my few frenz. So, it will be closed a few days after the following limerick gets inserted:

A grizzled facebook guy from Maple Bay
Didn’t keep in touch the facebook way.
Therefore he undertook
To close his face bloody book
And write his friends when having things to say.

Have to figure out yet how to get it in as a poem, since facebook remarks are entered in continuous writing with a low maximum of letters. You can definitely not write a story on your home facebook page.

Perhaps I am from the wrong generation lol, but I get irritated whenever I work with facebook, so bye-bye and good riddance.


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