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The bad Guy and the Resistance

So often I hear the expression: “the bad guys are winning”. Even though these bad guys as their trademark use atrocious methods to fight their wars, they don’t appear to be any worse than they have been throughout history. However because of the extreme visibility, thanks to modern media, more people than before may be inspired to turn to the bad side. They have won only when there is nobody left to be killed.
It looks like throughout history the bad guys have appreciated armed resistance. They can understand that. It is their own way and they can deal with it. Unarmed or peaceful resistance is a completely different thing. Peaceful resistance, resistance that does not harm anything, but tells a story and exposes the wrong, freaks these bad guys. They will go to extremes to change that sort of resistance into something they can deal with. A peaceful resister/activist runs more than anyone the risk of being tortured, maimed or killed. A peaceful demonstrator will be targeted or smeared. To the bad guy such a person seems to be more frightening than anything; something to be removed at any expense.
Armed resistance, revolution or war, always results in nothing more than a redrawing of the lines of power. Peaceful opposition encourages positive life-friendly systemic change. It is necessary and has many real heroes: a woman standing up to stop a bulldozer, a student in torture jail, an artist targeted and shot in the face, a young boy throwing a stone shot point blank, there is no end. As I go on with my life filled with both laughter and sadness, people such as these are always my inspiration and will not be forgotten. Damn the cruelty that exposes so many heroes.


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