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On Love Lost

I remember in the early sixties an associate was dumped by his incredibly beautiful girl friend. I was with him when he destroyed a store window and fled with an enormous Venus of Milo statue. After that he went totally nuts for some time. He and his beautiful girlfriend at the time are both still with us but of course not with each other. The poem was written some time during the nineteen sixties.

She sent her friend away.
I met her friend today.
He danced a madman’s ballet.

He found a Venus figure.
He laid her down on heather
And had her through a prayer.

His eyes were frost sapphires.
His goddess built two jagged pyres
And begot two raging fires.

The fires sang and cried.
One waited for the bride,
One asked me for a light.

She sent her friend away.
She became one fire’s prey
She could not betray.

The other fire craved for him,
Embraced and dressed him,
Until his glow went dim.

Her smoke went low and soon was buried.
His smoke went high and soon it wearied.
Not even their smoke could be married.


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