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First snow

First snow has every red blooded photographer run out to record the glory of the flake. It’s all so clean and great stuff for pictures.

 So that is what I did. These photographs show very recently current weather.
Marina environment and snow make a sure win combination for photographers and made me go for my camera as well.
Sunshine taking over  from the flake inspired a walk in the Bell-Mckinnon area. Mount Prevost showed over tops of trees and houses.
It is all pretty pictures but these ponies look as if they could happily live without snow.
A different post was planned for this day (eagle related), but snow interfered and the Eagle post now is on the drawing board for tomorrow.

About Joseph de Lange

Before retirement worked in art galleries, a photo studio, offices, and the trades. Don't travel much anymore but still photograph. For the past 5 years 95% of my photography is done with the phone. My prediction for big cameras: DSLRs and their beautiful lenses and even the smaller mirrorless cameras will be mostly a historical footnote in the not too distant future.

4 responses to “First snow

  1. wolke205

    The horses in the snow are lovely 🙂 We didnt had any snow so far 😉

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