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Old Barn Revisited

Being temporarily housebound, looking through this blog, I came across an old posting  and I could not resist the temptation to add a few more barn photos. The barn is from the beginning of the past century and maintained in its original shape by the owners.


About Joseph de Lange

Before retirement worked in art galleries, a photo studio, offices, and the trades. Don't travel much anymore but still photograph. For the past 5 years 95% of my photography is done with the phone. My prediction for big cameras: DSLRs and their beautiful lenses and even the smaller mirrorless cameras will be mostly a historical footnote in the not too distant future.

8 responses to “Old Barn Revisited

  1. wolke205

    Beautiful barn photos 🙂 Reminds me of the serie ” Lil house on the prairie” 😀

  2. I am so glad I’ve found you online here, Joseph, I love seeing our surroundings through your lens! Great set here, my friend, absolutely top drawer!!

    • Thanks for your compliment mrToad. The fact about these photgraphs is that initially I did not think they were good enough to show. But as sometimes happens when I see them much later again and get thrilled by them, I may totally change my mind as with these photos. At times I worry about image quality since my tools are whatever shooting machine is with me from phone to whatever and my big guns were sold in the late eighties after which there was a 10 year period of no photography. Now the bottom line is it’s gotta look right, anything goes, but documenting the disappearing history is a main interest. Your history recording with great photographic essays are right up my alley. And that’s my 2 pennies worth.

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