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It is all about Israel wanting the land that the native population (Palestinians) live on. The opposition to the superior Israel power shows itself in ever ongoing peaceful resistance. The protesters are teargassed, skunked, and often (especially organisers) are jailed for undetermined time without charges and tortured into some sort of confession which will not necessairily result in a charge and getting out of jail is not happening either.


Yesterday, 5 May, my country -the Netherlands- celebrated Liberation Day, the annual commemorating of the end of the Nazi occupation and second World War. Across the country cities hosted music concerts, veteran marches and literary events. For most of the Dutch however, concepts of freedom and peace are as normal as having breakfast or talking on the phone.

Within a five hour flight from Amsterdam, in Palestine, approximately 2,000 prisoners are starving themselves to death: an open-ended hunger strike being the last means of resistance against inhumane treatment, oppression and political imprisonment by an occupying power. The hunger striking protest has spread outside the prison walls with at least 75 people in Gaza joining in support of the prisoners. Prisoners areĀ demanding their basic rights: family visits, human treatment, education, and an end to the use of solitary confinement and administrative detention.

Naam Abu Keinas and Fatma Maqadma sit onā€¦

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