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Fisgard Lighthouse

This post is not really about Fisgard Lighthouse at all. It is only a photo of a seagull  from one of those times there were birds and I was hunting them.

Yet the coastline in this photograph shows the lighthouse built in 1860 and it is still active (which is phenomenal in this age of darkness due to fiscal policies). here are two links relevant to this lighthouse. The first one has some historical info and more for you when you come to visit Victoria, the second link goes to the Google image gallery. I reckon I’m not the only person who has a lot of appreciation for Google Images and this images section shows some great approaches to showing the lighthouse in all its glory and importance. Here are the links:

But really it’s about the seagull.


8 responses to “Fisgard Lighthouse

  1. Ein ganz tolles Foto.

    LG Mathilda 😉

  2. wolke205

    Oh oh oh, it seems staring at me 😛 What a shot! 😀

  3. We’re hoping to pop by this lighthouse ourselves in the near future for a full shoot! What a great composition and concept here, Joseph, I really enjoy this image!

  4. Madhu

    Superb shot! The lighthouse enhances the effect. The bird does look a bit scary 🙂

    • The bird has a one track mind, my food. Steals it if necessary, many years ago his grandfather stole some cheese out of my hotel window. El Gull I call him. And me at the time 10 dollars in my wallet to take me from hunger to no worry. This guy looks like the son of El Gull. keep an eye on him. History (kidding) aside, thanks for your attention. I did knit a little onto the side of this photograph including that third crane to bring all of the bird’s wing into the picture since it did not work until that fix and I really liked this particular photo.

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