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Taking a break

For the past weeks I have barely seen a computer and this situation will run into August. Not many posts, if any, are going to be published here during this time. Meanwhile may the sun shine on you but not too hard and see you soon again.


6 responses to “Taking a break

  1. Hope your time away is for something fun. And some time away from the computer can be a good thing.

    • Hello Angeline, it’s all about taking care of some affairs and in the process being away for a bit is as good as a holiday. I keep track somewhat, as now, through the eye in my telephone, but the telephone doesn’t let me make any realistic judgment on photographs.

  2. Hope all is well for you Joseph, we’ve been thinking of you. Really hoping that the next few weeks will let up for us a bit here so maybe we could get together for a visit; we would really enjoy that.

    • Hello, Mr Toad, the coming two weeks are a bit of a madhouse (gone a lot), but I am looking forward to this visit Scot, so we are definitely on. It’s those crazy busy days of summer that keep interfering with life.

  3. ehpem

    Hi Joseph, I hope you manage to make the most of taking care of affairs and feel like you have had a useful break as well.

    • Thank you Ehpem, perhaps the rejuvenation that comes with absence will also cause this blog to be rejuvenated. We’ll see but I am not holding my breath yet. First week of August brings me back to the realm of normalcy and photography.

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