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Bay Silhouettes

Here are a few evening silhouette scenes of the public boat launch. These boat launches are in full time use from early morning till late night.

And then across the Bay is a ship that has been anchored out in this bay for some time now waiting for a buyer. During this time it has lost fuel due to nightly visits by people who do that sort of thing under the cover of darkness. So it leans a little and has been tied up ever since one of the Cowichan Bay storms this year. It was early spring I think when I read about the ship going to a salvager in Mexico but it still being here makes one wonder…


8 responses to “Bay Silhouettes

  1. Well composed!!! Cheers Nonoy Manga

  2. wolke205

    I loveee the last photo 🙂 Just followed you on Twitter 🙂

  3. Love them all, Joseph, but that last shot in particular is a real winner there! What an interesting thing!

    • Thanks Mr Toad, even though there appears to be a consensus of two here for Photo 3, I go with number 1, except a cropped version was supposed to go in and I may edit that (too much sky unbalances that photograph, rule of thirds that sort of thing).

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