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A few good dray horses

First of all as we know most posts take a little research for facts. In that respect I mostly learn something every time I publish a new post. An English word for draft horse is dray horse. It comes from the old English word dragan which is related to the Dutch dragen which means carry. At the same time the industrial revolution came about, farming methods changed from horse to machinery. The working horse lost its job, but still hangs around. People like its temperament and  beauty. I saw these characters on Mays Rd, a pretty little road winding through hilly farm land outside Duncan.

The fly loves the horse, but makes itself into the worst possible pest, and even though, thankfully, the horses’ eyes are now protected, a lot of face is left for flies to explore and taste.


5 responses to “A few good dray horses

  1. These horses look like Shire horses, but someone may correct me on this little insight.

  2. These are absolutely gorgeous animals! Wow, Joseph, what a great find!

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