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An auto fence

Doing my semi annual photo clean up of the computer means uploading them to an online facility and moving them also to a storage device. Picasa is my online storage facility. Picasa would be the best except for its default setting of showing albums by upload date rather than alphabetic organizing (just imagine remembering the upload dates of 95+ albums). When I peruse my Picasa site I open from the home page the different albums in different tabs. This is the only way to keep the home page from going back to its default settings . No real problem here yet.

Now I am uploading photographs and it becomes a different affair. My albums have titles and most of my photographs get assigned to the existing albums I have on Picasa, so a list of my albums pops up but in some kind of order (perhaps no kind of order) that is not alphabetic. The upload time is a given but having to scroll through the list of albums organised without rhyme or reason effectively doubles the time spend on this exercise, not much fun, except for coming across all sorts.

One of  these “coming across all sorts” comes from a little shoot at an intersection where only locals ever walk. I liked the view straight onto this car fence (always love the way how people show part of their personality in public). This was the time. No traffic (amazing), and I had time to pick up the camera and snap away, even got out of the car for some quick shooting before the intersection was back to its usual slow but steady traffic stream.

This really is a rant about the Picasa flaw, but our show today makes for a nice display right in a semi busy intersection.

So this posting is not about the photography as much as it is about a shortcoming in the Picasa menu and me feeling somewhat frustrated and silly supporting a company (from day one) that is now giving me a hard time I mean I pay them a couple of dollars every month and now I am looking for some alternative but I really hope Google can support me.


About Joseph de Lange

Before retirement worked in art galleries, a photo studio, offices, and the trades. Don't travel much anymore but still photograph. For the past 5 years 95% of my photography is done with the phone. My prediction for big cameras: DSLRs and their beautiful lenses and even the smaller mirrorless cameras will be mostly a historical footnote in the not too distant future.

3 responses to “An auto fence

  1. P ⋅

    it is one neat intersections going in town I always take second look at the display .

  2. Some time ago I changed the date of upload of all my picasa albums to coincide with the alphabetical order but that definitely did not do it and…. it’s messy.

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