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The Grey Season is Here


14 responses to “The Grey Season is Here

  1. I love grey days; such a nice respite from the the summer’s glaring sun. I always feel comfortable and more at peace on days like this. Lovely photos.

    • Thank you Angeline. You know, Angeline, you ought to move here (tong in cheek). The next three months are grey, perhaps some sun after that and then a few more grey months. I suppose I better get some black and white film. 😉

  2. ehpem

    It is grey. But the light is perfect for long exposures of moving water 🙂 And, even though it is predominantly grey, we are often treated with a few minutes of sunshine, which, if you have your camera handy, can be quite extraordinary. And warming.

  3. splendid shots. you know joseph jom in bengali/hindi/sanskrit means god of death, every time i read your name i remember him 🙂

    • Thank you Sharmishtha, and yes I am aware of the use of the name jom. When moving my blogs from Blogger to WordPress I had to jump through hoops to come up with a proper name. had a good sound to it (jom for Joseph Maria) I thought about the god of death link, had some initial hesitation, but death being just another step in the journey I decided I could live with that.

  4. Really wonderful shots that embody the island feel in the winter! Lovely drama here, Joseph, great photographs!!

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  6. Joseph, these are really beautiful.
    The middle one with the action of the birds; movement in the stillness – wonderful!

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