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The Mist

No words just pictures. As always when driving or walking through the Cliffs development on Mount Tzouhalem I look  for scenic views. This time it was about the lack of views

the mist 023-bl

the mist 025-bl

the mist 027-bl

the mist 013-bl

the mist 014-bl

the mist 016-bl

the mist 018-bl

the mist 020-bl

the mist 021-bl

the mist 022-bl

These photos went through Photoshop to make the file size a bit smaller but otherwise they are comparable to photos from a role of film like in the olden days that got developed and printed straight  in a lab.


30 responses to “The Mist

  1. I can’t help but disagree – you’ve captured the mist so well it’s enhanced the views perfectly.

  2. Crikey Joseph, that is a special moment to capture

  3. wolke205

    No words needed for this stunning captured photos! 😀

  4. Joseph, these are just gorgeous. If one was in need of a “lack of view” this would be a spectacular one to view.

    • Thank you Karen, it is always the case of being at the right place at the right time. I knew that if I’d be able to drive out of the cloud i’d probably end up in sun, but there is no way of knowing how spectacular the vista really is until it can be seen. (for this sort of photographing I’d love a camera with a monitor screen on the back that is at least 5″ x 7″ Something like an old fashioned Bronica.)

  5. Wow, Joseph, I have to say these are some of my favorite photos from our area ever!! I’ve been out and about myself a bit in this trying to capture some of the sights, and you’ve really done a smash-up job here with your set!!

    • Thank you Mr Toad, I thought you might appreciate these photos that are sort of taken right over your place. The lake in the valley and the mountains around and the weather patterns make certain there is always something interesting or beautiful to discover here and the views at this time were probably as spectacular as any I have seen.

  6. pam2626 ⋅

    These are really good.

  7. ehpem

    Joseph these are great shots. I was wondering if it was cold since the road surface in the first couple of shots looks slippery, not just wet.
    And the camera did do them justice. If you want that big screen, you could take pictures with an iPad – I have seen more and more instance of people using one of those as a camera, out and about. Seems a bit odd, but it is a nice big screen.

    • I think I have seen a digital back for Bronica perhaps 10 years ago just before they went out of business (never owned that camera, but used one of and on. Nice camera with lots of fine lenses). The iPad, I’m certain, could be hooked up with a modern camera. It would not be my preferred set up (to many parts to hang on to and an ever growing camera bag) but it’d be excellent in scenic or architectural photography. The same as with an old fashioned view camera, through the iPad screen the subject can be studied in all its minute detail from different angles. Ansel Adams here we come 😉

      • ehpem

        A friend of mine tethers a small computer – a blackberry or something – to his DSLR for video work. That screen is probably 6 or 7 inches across and makes a huge difference for focussing and framing too. He clamps it to his tripod. Mind you, his video is mostly of concerts indoors, so it is easier to work with. I wonder if you could hook you iPhone up to your camera so that you could use it’s screen? I would guess that there must be an app for doing that. And while not large format, is bound to be better than the camera screen.

  8. Greetings from Australia Joseph,
    What an amazing series of photographs; the composition and themes are both elegant and beautiful. Great work
    God bless

  9. Vikas Yadav ⋅

    These are brilliant pics.

    • Thank you Vikas Yadav, Photography is like life in the sense that it is so nice when a plan comes together, and some kind of beauty that spreads happiness or insight is the result of one’s efforts.

  10. wow! these photos are wonderful!

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