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St Francis Xavier in Mill Bay

The other day I walked around this little church with my trusty camera clicking and now I like to share a few photographs of the black and white version.

St Francis Xavier was built in 1867. It was built for French Canadians working at the mill in Mill Bay and today it is the oldest building standing in Mill Bay.

St Francis Xavier (1) bw

St Francis Xavier (9) bw

St Francis Xavier (4) bw

St Francis Xavier (12) bw

St Francis Xavier (16) bw

St Francis Xavier (19) bw

St Francis Xavier (2) bw

Here this short excursion comes to an end. A wooden structure from a century and a half ago looking like new…  She is a beauty to behold.



7 responses to “St Francis Xavier in Mill Bay

  1. Great shots Joseph, if you didn’t see the cars in the final shot you could believe they were pictures from pastimes

    • Most small communities have more then a few little churches, all built with love, dedication and good craftsmanship. It is nice when we see these churches survive the onslaught of time They are very much part of the rural landscape in Canada.

  2. AWESOME set, Joseph!! I love this church, some of our favorite shots are ones of this very place! You’ve done a great job here in your black-and-white set, it really makes the character in the architecture stand out. Spot on, my friend, very very sympathetic to the subject!!

    • Running so much behind on computer work, some stuff takes a while to get around to. Thanks for the compliment Mr Toad. Such an old structure and always so well maintained. It is a joy to the eye.

  3. ehpem

    Perfect lighting Joseph, especially for a white building. Just enough to cast tree shadows without blow outs all over the place. And really nice compositions too. These worked out very well.

    • Thank you Ehpem, the church itself is nearly a black and white affair, and the winter silhouettes surrounding it are excellent for the B/W treatment. And as you say the light stepped in just enough to shape things and add that bit of spark. Walking in that church yard, which was on my agenda for some time, turned into a very stimulating camera experience.

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