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An early morning walk in Victoria

In Victoria with no particular plans for the camera I took a few photographs  during a walk around the Inner Harbor early one morning.

valentine 050BW3

Fist of all there is the Netherlands Centennial Carillon in front of the BC Museum. It is a 62-bell carillon given in 1967 occasioned by the centennial celebrations.

valentine 046BW3

Turning around, here is for locals and tourists alike the heart of Victoria. Government Street is a street of many different shops and establishments for imbibing, and the buildings breathe nearly two centuries of the city’s history.

valentine 052BW2

Turning another forty-five degrees brings the CPR Terminal into view. It has gone through a seismic upgrade and renovations are still ongoing. Not showing in this photograph – but what looks to me like- luxury office space is part of the new design.

valentine 059BW

We stroll by the CPR Terminal and the Parliament Buildings across the road and around the corner on Menzies Street to check on some old brick government buildings. There are offices in these.


So much to look at and so little time left. Turning again I notice, across the Inner Harbor,  the old Blue bridge (or what is left of it) and the small water planes getting ready for the day.

valentine 062BW2 bl

I happened to be back at this bridge some hours later and the activity at that time made for a completely different scene.

valentine 095BW3

As a rule I don’t try my hand on black and white, not for showing anyway. My personal opinion is that for serious black and white photography a top camera is even more important than for color photography, but at the same time b/w is to beautiful to ignore and it’ll keep on popping up here so once in a while.


About Joseph de Lange

Before retirement worked in art galleries, a photo studio, offices, and the trades. Don't travel much anymore but still photograph. For the past 5 years 95% of my photography is done with the phone. My prediction for big cameras: DSLRs and their beautiful lenses and even the smaller mirrorless cameras will be mostly a historical footnote in the not too distant future.

4 responses to “An early morning walk in Victoria

  1. Stunning set, Joseph, you’ve really brought out the character of the city here!

    • Hi Mr Toad, I don’t do much of it these days, but one of my favorite pastimes is an early morning walk in the city before it actually wakes up (camera in hand of course). Thanks for your endorsement.

  2. ehpem

    Great set. Early morning light is wonderful, though I am not much of a morning person I have had a few walks like this over the years and some of them stick in my mind even decades later – a light rain seems to help in that respect.. It seems almost like the middle of night, but with its own feel. Those brick buildings on Menzies used to hold the driver’s license testing centre where I went many decades ago to take my test. I haven’t a clue what they are for now, but I would not want to be in one of them during a big earthquake, they have not had a seismic upgrade.

    • I had forgotten all about that use of the building but remember it now again. It needing seismic upgrading may, even if some historic status protects it, be the reason for its demise in the not to distant future? City lights and rain definitely make for good ingredients when photographing the city after dark. As you see I’m in my black and white period.

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