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Duncan, BC

This morning, after inhaling very smelly paint fumes for some time, I ended up wandering on a mountain for a breath of fresh air. From somewhere up there Duncan could be seen in the distance. Like this:


It is an impression I wanted to share with you.


4 responses to “Duncan, BC

  1. What a lovely little town! 😀

    • No cathedral here, low population, I have often wondered about the criteria in Canada that turn a town into a city.
      We have a couple of mountains here that really show Duncan in its setting very nicely, but for my longest lens it’s still a long ways away. Once again this photo was taken from the Cliffs development. I like to stop there for a quick walk or hike whenever passing through.

  2. ehpem

    Very nice – the white buildings give the impression of a touch of snow. As to the definitions of City, District, Town and Village: they are defined by population, no cathedrals required! They are really quite rigid too. Recently the unincorporated community of Queen Charlotte City (so named for more than a hundred years) decided to incorporated which puts it into the municipal system. They are now called the Village of Queen Charlotte as it is a serious no-no to use the word City for something too small. I expect the residents felt the necessity of that change was a bit mean spirited.

    • Yes ehpem it is the end of the lens together with clouds and haze and sunshine. That’s what has caused this Duncan look. Thanks for the dose of enlightenment and I am sure that some of the Queen Charlotte City inhabitants are unhappy with the new name, but one would think that there must be a way for locals to turn the new name into an asset perhaps through tourist brochures or…

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