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Stargazer Lily


14 responses to “A view of Lily

  1. pam2626 ⋅

    That’s really nice!
    Can I ask a question? I’m not much of a photographer. I’m writing a book now, and taking my own photos. However, the program I am using for the book hates every picture. I keep getting the message that the resolution is wrong for my images. So, what resolution should I be using for large photos, like the one you have posted here.

  2. Beautiful photo! Lilly is a lovely lady.

    • I wonder, Angeline, whether lilies, after roses, are the most photographed flowers. One of the reasons I published this photo is that I found nothing like it checking through images of lily on the internet.

  3. pat ⋅

    Nice one the wildflowers out in full force around the cowichan , shooting stars, fawn lilies, fairly slippers, yellow Violet’s and chocolate lilies what great time of the year to out and about. Really enjoy the blog. Pat

    • Thanks Pat, It’s really good to hear from you again. I have been doing a little of the annual spring photography, but try to leave publishing to the real flower shooters. They work with the right tools, i.e. a nice macro lens for starters. It’s beautiful out there, though, rain or shine 🙂

  4. ehpem

    Nice shot Joseph – and it certainly is not like the usual lily shots at all. You may not have a good macro lens, but this is a good macro shot.

  5. A lovely image, Joseph, perfectly captured and processed here!

    • Thank you Mr Toad, your comment is well appreciated. I have thought about a dark more even background for the photo (still do) but decided that this background shows up the flower very nicely.

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  7. This is pure magic.
    Amazing focus!

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