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A Cabin And Its Bottles

In the latter half of the nineteen sixties after moving into the Cowichan Valley I noticed a small log cabin. Its windows showed a display of old bottles and there  always were people about the place. Located smack dab on the Trans Canada Highway I am certain all locals know the looks of this small log cabin. Here it is in two thousand thirteen.

Duncan 015cro

Duncan 017cr

Duncan 019cu

The display has changed over the years and the property is nicely maintained.  Driving the highway passing by this log cabin I cannot help but wonder how much this cabin was part of the early settlement of this valley. We do not know how long the cabin will be part of this world but until then it is definitely somebody’s small and beautiful time capsule.


11 responses to “A Cabin And Its Bottles

  1. This is a place that has haunted me photographically for over 20 years! Our post “The Magic Cabin” was a result of a visit here last year. The fellow who owns it welcomed us to photograph it and it was one of my favorite all time shoots. You’ve done a terrific job here, Joseph!

    • Thank you Mr Toad, and looking at your beautifully photographed post on this cabin nearly two years ago, I notice that not a thing has changed between then and now. Definitely a time capsule or a monument.

  2. I remember this place being open as an antiques/collectables shop back in the late 60’s/early 70’s. Not sure of the exact year but I remember going there with my aunt. Sweet little building. Good to see it still maintained.

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  4. What a find this is!
    I love the way the bottles decorate the windows.

  5. Beautiful photos, interesting place:) I am greeting

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