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I took a few early morning photographs of a new acquisition in the Bay and like to share one of the images


The boat has a bit of history to it which makes for an interesting read with more photographs here


10 responses to “THE SS BEAVER

  1. Mjollnir

    Lovely photo – unfortunate name! ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Oh wow!!! I know where I am hoping to be this Sunday… I love that boat!!! Time to exercise the new 6D I think. Great shot, Joseph and what an interesting history behind it.

    • Yes anchored out there it is slightly controversial to some people, but pretty cool to me. I’m sure the ship shan’t be there forever. Perhaps we’ll meet up some time this Sunday.

  3. That’s a stunner Joseph! Both the graceful boat and your photograph in that light.

  4. ehpem

    That is terrific light Joseph, very well caught!
    The bones of the original Beaver lie beneath footings for the Lions Gate Bridge.

    • Recently I watched a documentary, very interesting and informative, about the Lions Gate Bridge and there may have been a mention of that or the narrator may have alluded to it. A pity that a similar type of overhaul that happened in the eighties there could not have been done to our historic Blue Bridge.

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