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Paldi’s Sikh Temple

Paldi, over the first half of the past century, grew from a camp around a sawmill into a village. The temple that still stands there is from the 1930’s. Paldi, and the Canadian Sikh community in general, has gone through a mighty interesting history. At this point in time the village is no longer there. Apparently it was sold through the banks to a developer who pulled most everything down made some sales and went bankrupt. The temple, through much effort by the Sikh community in Canada was saved, more or less at the last minute by giving it historic status. Having been in the valley since the late sixties I remember the village well, but now that village is a pile of rubble with only the temple, water tower, and a shed left standing (and a derelict house without doors and windows, which you can see here, with windows and door still in it, a few years ago).

Paldi Sikh Temple1 (BL)

Paldi Sikh Temple3 (BL)

Here is a short history of Paldi, but perhaps the real reason for this blog post is that interesting history of Sikhs in Canada and their struggle for recognition and equality during the twentieth century.

Paldi watertower1 (BL)


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5 responses to “Paldi’s Sikh Temple

  1. Thanks for the link-back Joseph, we really appreciate that. What a story this little town has, and we find it utterly haunting to think of all the people who used to live there, all the children who played on the streets and in the surrounding forests. It’s hard to imagine how less than 50 years later, this town can almost entirely be forgotten except for a handful of folks like you and I.

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  3. ehpem

    The water tower shot is lovely! Well, they all are, but the light on the flowers pleases me.
    It is very strange to think of a vigorous small town turn into a pile of rubble in such a short time. I guess it can happen anywhere, but is hard to comprehend when it’s a place one knows.

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