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St Andrew’s Cathedral

On the corner of Blanshard and View Street in Victoria British Columbia stands a grand building St Andrew’s Cathedral. It was dedicated by Bishop John Lemmens in 1892 and here it still stands.

We begin our quick walk-by facing the rectory on View Streetst andrews cathedral victoria bc [BL] (3)

Which adjoins the church next to it

st andrews cathedral victoria bc [BL] (5)

Continuing our walk we come to Blanshard Street and that is what  the church’s front looks out on.


The head stones on the corner commemorate three early pioneers of the church. They are buried in the church. These people have led busy and eventful lives and on their many journeys often had more adventures than they cared for.

st andrews cathedral victoria bc [BL]

We have come to the front.

st andrews cathedral victoria bc [BL] (7)

st andrews cathedral victoria bc [BL] (8)

october 87 50mm f2.8 1/60

St Andrew’s Cathedral is a building well worth looking at both outside and inside. It is a nice addition to my classic-buildings-walk-around project and I say thank you for accompanying me here, hope you enjoyed the walk. God bless.

Here are two links dealing with historical aspects of the building:’s_Cathedral_(Victoria,_British_Columbia)


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  1. What a terrific, terrific set of shots, Joseph, really well done! I love this place, you’ve really done a great job with it my friend!

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