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Cowichan Bay Sunrise

I hear that Chinese smog is making its way to the BC coast. That is nice of course in the way that I always thought smog comes kind of from the local mills and their smoke stacks. Either way smog ads color to our skies.

Yesterday morning stepping out of my frontdoor I saw this:

cb sunrise 001-[BL]

cb sunrise [BL]

The colors heralded a change of weather which is happening today. The change is from mild weather and sunshine to a little much needed rain. There are too many sunrise and sunset photographs in the world but we all like to show them sometimes, so I hope you enjoyed these.




7 responses to “Cowichan Bay Sunrise

  1. wolke205

    Wonderful sunrise, those colors are stunning 😀 Looks so peaceful 🙂

    • Thank you Wolke. As far as peaceful goes, funny that you mention that since I have not seen it as quiet on this marina as it has been the past few days. It is so good to see you here and hope you are keeping very well.

  2. ehpem

    Amazing colours Joseph. It is such a delight to wake up to days like this. And to come upon them on the internet.

  3. What epic colors here, Joseph, just breathtaking my friend!! Great captures!

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