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Ice in the Bay

We have had a bit of a cold snap. So much so that the Bay froze up. The last time I remember this happening was in the mid nineties of the past century. At one time I would have explored a phenomenon such as this. This time I spent the time indoors. Hibernation should’ve been just fine. However between house and car there was opportunity for a few photos and a few of these I like to show.

ice 005[BL] ice 010[BL] ice 012[BL] ice 019[BL] OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

One of the final days of this little cold snap (it was getting a little warmer already) I did have a walk to check out our ice fields. No camera but thanks to the phone there is  a record anyway. I am happy that we had no snow with the cold and as I write this we are back to the normal weather pattern of mild temperatures and rain. Following are a few photographs of our ice fields.

cowichan bay ice 2014-02-08 13.11.31[BL] cowichan bay ice 2014-02-08 13.15.52[BL] cowichan bay ice 2014-02-08 13.20.29[BL] cowichan bay ice 2014-02-08 13.22.26[BL] cowichan bay ice 2014-02-08 13.26.23[BL] cowichan bay ice queens 2014-02-08 13.26.55[BL]

Thank you for traveling with me and we’ll meet again as soon as I find my umbrella. Adios for now!




About Joseph de Lange

Before retirement worked in art galleries, a photo studio, offices, and the trades. Don't travel much anymore but still photograph. For the past 5 years 95% of my photography is done with the phone. My prediction for big cameras: DSLRs and their beautiful lenses and even the smaller mirrorless cameras will be mostly a historical footnote in the not too distant future.

7 responses to “Ice in the Bay

  1. wolke205

    Wow, this looks spectacular 😀 I remember maaaaaaaaaany years ago when the huge river “Elbe” here was frozen. It never happened again since. The ice was so thick, that we could walk from one side to the other, it was awesome 😀

    • Yeah, I remember as a child breaking up the ice across rivers like that and then jump from piece to piece to the othere side and back and so forth. It was brilliant but I am so glad my kids never had a chance to get into that kind of adventuring. Here in the Bay I saw a few children venturing out a short ways, but this is no longer for me for laughing out loud.

  2. Not bad for a short walk without a camera. Interesting area with that lot of ice. Here in north Bavaria was no ice or snow at all so far, which is unusual as well.

  3. Wow, you just don’t see Cowichan Bay looking like this very often! Great shots here, Joseph, the 2nd and 3rd ones here in particular are mesmerizing in their rarity.

    • Thank you for your endorsement Mr Toad. The Bay is not its normal self here and of course it is impossible to resist photographing it. Nevertheless I am looking now for some spring scenery (bring on the blossoms).

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