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Final photographs pertaining to winter I took the other morning. It was the light that lured me out before even having coffee. Mostly these photos are right from the phone. Except for one or two needing straightening they didn’t need editing since they pretty well show what I saw.

2014-02-25 08.04.33 [BL] 2014-02-25 08.02.09 [BL] 2014-02-25 07.55.44 [BL] 2014-02-25 07.55.21 [BL] 2014-02-25 07.54.04 [BL] 2014-02-25 07.49.52 [BL] 2014-02-25 07.48.38 [BL]

Thanks for being here with me to see the end of winter. It is almost time now to venture farther from home with camera in hand, so who knows where we meet next time. Take care.


7 responses to “Light

  1. Absolutely wonderful light in these photos.

  2. These are the best phone camera shots I have ever seen, Joseph! Wonderful character, the scenes are so breathtakingly beautiful my friend!!

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  4. Betty

    I enjoyed looking at this series of photographs – the light, the fog, the reflections all beautifully captured.

    • Sometimes, Betty, stepping out of the door here lands you in a magical place. This particular morning opened up a scene of almost surreal serenity. Walking into that is an exhilarating experience. Thanks for your visit here and your appreciation makes my day.

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