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Downtown Vancouver

Being without a computer for a few months is a little like some divorces: it is both good and bad. However now that I’m back on line it is definitely time to show a few photos again.
I visited Vancouver in British Columbia a few days ago. It was a gorgeous day for a stroll through the downtown area. Even though public transportation here is fine, it could be said that downtown Vancouver is made for walking. There is always so much to look at. It’s a city for people watching, but besides that I keep my eyes also on the great architecture that runs rampant here. The old and the new freely and tastefully intermingle.

Vancouver, BC, sky


Vancouver, Howe and Robson

On another note I still photograph for my Duncan 2014 project. The other day the pickup truck was missing in front of this little building so that it could finally be photographed. If my memory serves me right the bookstore inside it opened its doors in the early seventies.

145-147-149 Kenneth Street

145-147-149 Kenneth Street

I’m glad to be able to show a few photographs again and hope you enjoyed this walk.


8 responses to “Downtown Vancouver

  1. Glad to see you back; I really like that first photo of Vancouver…and glad to see that Duncan photo.

    • Hi Angeline, it’s so good to hear from you. About the last photo, it’s part of a project to show as much as possible of Duncan’s brick and mortar appearance in 2014, one of my favorite projects this year.

  2. So happy to see you posting once again, Joseph! Great shots of Vancouver my friend, and I LOVE the little bookstore in Duncan; you’ve really captured a winner here of it!

    • Thank you Mr Toad, as far as the bookstore is concerned, there is that sun, early morning light, behind the building, not always nice, but with the artificial light behind the windows balancing it out it works.

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