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Jelly Fish Embracing

Hello, I would like to share this in case it is new to you as well. I have seen jellyfish on different seas from frighteningly nasty to pacific, but up till now I have not seen them embrace, but they do it. Here they are.
jelly fish embracing 2_2014-07-06 [BL]

jelly fish embracing 1_2014-07-06 [BL]
As an illiterate in the jellyfish department I wonder about the color difference between the two: different races, sexes, or excitements?


7 responses to “Jelly Fish Embracing

  1. wolke205

    Good questions. I have no idea of Jellyfish. They are beautiful, but pretty dangerous. I had a very bad experience with one in Tunisia 14 years ago – and I still have scarfes on my body….

    • Hi Wolke, I am glad to hear from you, The nastiest I have encountered are in the North Sea and they are not as bad as some others, but they still shoot you if you get to close. The ones around here are harmless, I hear, but there is no way I go swimming with Quallen anywhere.

  2. ehpem

    These look like Cyanea cyanea. I stuck my arm in a bucket full of them at a research station when I was a kid. Not quite like doing the same with a wasp nest, but very unpleasant. I think the colour is not significant, other than for making a wonderful photo – like these.

    • Hello ehpem, thanks for that info. Come to think of it these fellyfish look like the ones I tried to keep away from so many years ago when swimming in the North Sea. We were well educated at a tender age about their unfriendly reaction to any kind of contact and mostly we managed to avoid them.

      • ehpem

        Educated by experience I expect. I don’t think I have been stung by one of these since that time. I sometimes work with pumped water on beaches, and keeping them out of the intake has been a concern too. Just not fun.

    • Thank you Angeline, it’s a good thing they are slow moving. It took me 5 minutes to get a camera device out of my overly tight pant pockets, but the jellyfish looked exotic to me and intimate and there was no way I’d walk away from there without a photograph.

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