Jelly Fish Embracing

Hello, I would like to share this in case it is new to you as well. I have seen jellyfish on different seas from frighteningly nasty to pacific, but up till now I have not seen them embrace, but they do it. Here they are.
jelly fish embracing 2_2014-07-06 [BL]

jelly fish embracing 1_2014-07-06 [BL]
As an illiterate in the jellyfish department I wonder about the color difference between the two: different races, sexes, or excitements?


Duncan very early one morning

Moeder_2014-03-07 [BL]

This post has a bit of an introduction to it. While my mother was in palliative care I spent a lot of time with her. First of all The staff at Sunridge Place that was involved with the care for my mother and the family around her needs to be complimented and thanked for the care they provided and the kindness and love they portrayed to us. Their care was both professional and, at times, beyond any call of duty.

When possible I used to go out early in the morning to get some cool fresh air. Mostly it’d be pitch black, but some days those mornings were close to sunrise. As it was in Duncan city, I couldn’t help but give my attention to all the little store fronts. They are small historic jewels very slowly replaced by humongous concrete boxes since the needs of the town grow. As I am not fond of night camera apps the HDR app on my phone was put to use again and seeing the results was a pleasant surprise.

Duncan,fIRST mEMORIAL_2014-03-08[BL]

What you can make out here is the First Memorial Chapel. Before its present function the building was Duncan’s first Catholic church.

Here are a few of the store fronts in the dark. Over the years these buildings have had different businesses occupying them without much visible change to the buildings themselves.Duncan_2014-03-08_05-50-21_HDR[BL]




Daylight is making itself known as I wander back to my resposibilities passing by city hall.

early morning Duncan~04 early morning Duncan~06

This exercise calls for a follow up with camera and tripod in the near future. Thank you for walking with me.



Final photographs pertaining to winter I took the other morning. It was the light that lured me out before even having coffee. Mostly these photos are right from the phone. Except for one or two needing straightening they didn’t need editing since they pretty well show what I saw.

2014-02-25 08.04.33 [BL] 2014-02-25 08.02.09 [BL] 2014-02-25 07.55.44 [BL] 2014-02-25 07.55.21 [BL] 2014-02-25 07.54.04 [BL] 2014-02-25 07.49.52 [BL] 2014-02-25 07.48.38 [BL]

Thanks for being here with me to see the end of winter. It is almost time now to venture farther from home with camera in hand, so who knows where we meet next time. Take care.

Ice in the Bay

We have had a bit of a cold snap. So much so that the Bay froze up. The last time I remember this happening was in the mid nineties of the past century. At one time I would have explored a phenomenon such as this. This time I spent the time indoors. Hibernation should’ve been just fine. However between house and car there was opportunity for a few photos and a few of these I like to show.

ice 005[BL] ice 010[BL] ice 012[BL] ice 019[BL] OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

One of the final days of this little cold snap (it was getting a little warmer already) I did have a walk to check out our ice fields. No camera but thanks to the phone there is  a record anyway. I am happy that we had no snow with the cold and as I write this we are back to the normal weather pattern of mild temperatures and rain. Following are a few photographs of our ice fields.

cowichan bay ice 2014-02-08 13.11.31[BL] cowichan bay ice 2014-02-08 13.15.52[BL] cowichan bay ice 2014-02-08 13.20.29[BL] cowichan bay ice 2014-02-08 13.22.26[BL] cowichan bay ice 2014-02-08 13.26.23[BL] cowichan bay ice queens 2014-02-08 13.26.55[BL]

Thank you for traveling with me and we’ll meet again as soon as I find my umbrella. Adios for now!



Cowichan Bay 2013 finals

I have a weird addiction of photographing beyond the capabilities of the camera. Even when upgrading I still have to go that extra impossible step. ayayay!

The phone is used here where the camera wouldn’t do. Straight from the hip.




The photo above makes us look at the village from the Government Wharf

2013-12-31 07.31.20-1

2013-12-31_07-32-46_HDR 2013-12-31_07-33-43_HDR 2013-12-31_07-35-07_HDR

Actually quite happy to be rid of this year and looking forward to 2014. I’m on my way to a small celebration and will see you all in 2014. All the best and take care.

In the pitch black I used the “HDR Camera+” app. They keep on asking me to upgrade to something with more functions (a bit of a nuissance), but the app is good as is. Using different cameras for different functions this is the most used camera app on my phone.


Editing on the telephone with filters

Reading about Topaz filters made me think about filters I use, namely the ones supplied by Android apps. Many of these, retro filters, break the images down rather than enhancing them. Mind you that is not necessarily as bad as it sounds. Exciting mood pictures can be created and working with them often is fun fun fun.
When going out with photographic plans I have a camera with me but at all other times I end up using the telephone a lot. These phone photos end up in a photo drawer called Dropbox. If they are edited the process commonly goes through Android apps rather than Photoshop. The fact that on the small phone screen imperfections sometimes are missed lends a sense of adventure to the process. It ties in with the idea expressed by a man I used to know, that God hates a coward.
My phone has a variety of editing apps installed to mix and fine tune certain effects. Nevertheless often when seeing results of others as well as of my own I recognize the app used. I reckon that it’s easy to overuse certain effects. From the other side the same filters can turn boring pics into something way more exciting.
As an afterthought I take issue with serious photographers who poo poo telephone photography. Remarks to that point show up in comments fairly regular. Phone photography is more spontaneous than big camera photography and often deals with relevant issues and definitely can be a form of art.
The subject-matter of this blog originally was supposed to be more than just photography, but that idea appears to have gone largely by the wayside. So it’s time to get down to the nitty-gritty and show a few photographs and their edited counter parts.
First of all the Arctic Fox ll

And here is its alter ego.

Same ship

Filtered and framed it becomes this.

Another beauty is the Hardy Maid.

I like the reflection of the float house.


Then there is the totem pole in Hecate Park

I used Snapseed as the editor. It was a great program until it froze up which caused its immediate uninstall.

The way I could open up the statue’s dark side was wonderful and that’s all folks!

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Ford Model T

I accompanied my darling on one of her garage sailing ventures and came across this little beauty:


T (2)

T (3)

T (4)

T (5)

T (6)

T (7)

I cannot help but wonder whether the car went through a bit of a renovation at sometime during its life. However that may be, it is a beautiful and very authentic looking little truck. It underlines the fact that coolness often becomes more so with age.