Duncan’s Totem Poles

Duncan celebrates its origins on native territory by including totem poles carved by traditional carvers in its city panorama. Each carving shows the style of the individual artist but much of the subject matter and the way it is pictured comes from way back  history. Several totem poles may be set in groups and single totem poles can be seen in front of buildings or greenery or parking lots. That type of distribution shows on some old photographs of native villages (minus parking lots) as well.  Here are some of them beginning with a group photo.




A totem pole walk in Duncan’s small downtown area shows most of them and come spring summer is both interesting and enjoyable.







The next pole, a little off the beaten track, shows this art media’s relevance as a recorder of modern history and is one of my favorites.




Except for one or two poles they may all be viewed in full color on my Flickr site here and here.



Ice in the Bay

We have had a bit of a cold snap. So much so that the Bay froze up. The last time I remember this happening was in the mid nineties of the past century. At one time I would have explored a phenomenon such as this. This time I spent the time indoors. Hibernation should’ve been just fine. However between house and car there was opportunity for a few photos and a few of these I like to show.

ice 005[BL] ice 010[BL] ice 012[BL] ice 019[BL] OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

One of the final days of this little cold snap (it was getting a little warmer already) I did have a walk to check out our ice fields. No camera but thanks to the phone there is  a record anyway. I am happy that we had no snow with the cold and as I write this we are back to the normal weather pattern of mild temperatures and rain. Following are a few photographs of our ice fields.

cowichan bay ice 2014-02-08 13.11.31[BL] cowichan bay ice 2014-02-08 13.15.52[BL] cowichan bay ice 2014-02-08 13.20.29[BL] cowichan bay ice 2014-02-08 13.22.26[BL] cowichan bay ice 2014-02-08 13.26.23[BL] cowichan bay ice queens 2014-02-08 13.26.55[BL]

Thank you for traveling with me and we’ll meet again as soon as I find my umbrella. Adios for now!



The Union Club Of British Columbia

One of  the beautiful buildings in Victoria BC, definitely from the era much inspired by the British of the time, is the Union Club of BC building. Nowadays it is very much like a hotel. It is advertised by the many hotel booking agencies that operate on line, but it still is a club with dress codes and such from long ago. The building was built in 1912 when the Club had outgrown its previous home. One of these days I hope to go inside but in the mean time there is the outside. The building, obviously designed for the awkward property it is on, is a prime example of west coast architecture with the British influences in the early 1900’s.

Arriving here from Amsterdam in the mid 1960’s I was awed by the inner city low building style and the subsequent feeling of total spaciousness. This building is part of that old low style. The landscape has changed somewhat in the mean time because of modern high rise intermingling but I’m able to ignore that aspect in these photographs.

Union Club Building-1


vic 036 cr_lzn2

I saw a little of the Victoria International Chalk Art Festival

Government Street Crayoned (8)

It is Sunday and still morning and people of different nationalities are hard at work on their art projects, chalk art on the road. Three blocks of Government Street have been barricaded of for one of the three zones (I have time to visit two of these zones). Here are a few images from the road. I expected these people to work on the sidewalks, but they are on the road pavement which is mighty rough for this sort of work. However it is Sunday morning, not overly busy yet, and a lighthearted mood is in the air.

Government Street Crayoned (6)

govt st crayoned

Government Street Crayoned (7)

Rain is in the forecast and as I wonder about that it begins to sprinkle. No worry we are in Victoria where people are prepared for almost anything.

Government Street Crayoned (2)

Government Street Crayoned (3)

I walk to the next zone where there is only one painting on the go. An artist from Holland is hard at work on his very interesting 3 D design.

Government Street Crayoned (4)

nations for sale monopoly

P9155548 [BL]

Having to kill an hour in Victoria is never a problem in Victoria and we’ll meet again soon in that small downtown area. Until then take good care.

Accordion Players

A few days ago I saw a short blip on the news about the accordion championship this year in Victoria.  last Sunday I came across those accordionists as they congregated downtown Victoria. Frankly I have never seen this many accordion players together.  And there was no cacophony here. Players strutting their stuff often supported a tune within earshot in their own unique way. Great show! Here are a few of the people my camera caught.

World Accordion Championships



It's rock and roll 

This Sunday the musicians introduced themselves to the city in a police escorted parade. The large parade took off from Bastion Square, walked a few blocks stopping at times for impromptu little concerts, before dispersing at Bastion Square. The photos were taken as the players paraded.

That public something or other that has not been in use for a long time

There is this small building in Duncan that has not been open to the public for many years. It became a closed down affair during the time the Saturday farmers market still ran from the surrounding parking lot. I remember it before then as the public washrooms and in this day and age… well, I’m amazed the building  still stands. So, before it disappears, here are some photographs of it. The paintings on the building are of course  from the Farmers Market days.

duncan 010-lum2

duncan 016-lum2

One side, of course, was the lady’s and the other side man’s. I cannot remember which side I used, but now that it makes waves in my mind I do realize how close this parking lot was to the two major drinking holes in town. Both of these establishments are history now, but the pissoir, albeit history, still stands.

duncan 022-lum2

I’ve always wondered about that shake roof, but it was great for some of the marketeers who had their stalls underneath them on hot Saturdays. Even now this is the most popular spot for summertime parking on this humongous parking lot even though these roofs give minimal protection.

duncan 029-1-mantiuk06

duncan 034-1-fattal

This area is going to change and is changing right now, as it is in the middle of town, on native territory and ready for change. Yet I have good memories of “Indian Mount” in the middle more or less of the parking lot and it being forever the same for at least half a century (my time) and I’m certain, way before that …  I’ve had a few drinks on that mount. It is gone now and brave new world here we come. Part of the development is a newly build senior place.

D ole washrm mantiuk 06

View from the Malahat

Driving up Highway 1 (or the Trans Canada Highway) coming from Victoria you go over the Malahat very soon after leaving Victoria. Both tourists and locals appreciate the views from the Malahat. Even twenty years ago all the way along this stretch of the highway it was scenic. Meanwhile the trees have grown and now largely obstruct the view.

These photographs were taken from the better viewpoint of the two spots that are designated as such. Even here treetops begin to break up the scenery.

This is what we are looking at:


Here are a few good example of the midday blues.