Jelly Fish Embracing

Hello, I would like to share this in case it is new to you as well. I have seen jellyfish on different seas from frighteningly nasty to pacific, but up till now I have not seen them embrace, but they do it. Here they are.
jelly fish embracing 2_2014-07-06 [BL]

jelly fish embracing 1_2014-07-06 [BL]
As an illiterate in the jellyfish department I wonder about the color difference between the two: different races, sexes, or excitements?


Final photographs pertaining to winter I took the other morning. It was the light that lured me out before even having coffee. Mostly these photos are right from the phone. Except for one or two needing straightening they didn’t need editing since they pretty well show what I saw.

2014-02-25 08.04.33 [BL] 2014-02-25 08.02.09 [BL] 2014-02-25 07.55.44 [BL] 2014-02-25 07.55.21 [BL] 2014-02-25 07.54.04 [BL] 2014-02-25 07.49.52 [BL] 2014-02-25 07.48.38 [BL]

Thanks for being here with me to see the end of winter. It is almost time now to venture farther from home with camera in hand, so who knows where we meet next time. Take care.

Ice in the Bay

We have had a bit of a cold snap. So much so that the Bay froze up. The last time I remember this happening was in the mid nineties of the past century. At one time I would have explored a phenomenon such as this. This time I spent the time indoors. Hibernation should’ve been just fine. However between house and car there was opportunity for a few photos and a few of these I like to show.

ice 005[BL] ice 010[BL] ice 012[BL] ice 019[BL] OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

One of the final days of this little cold snap (it was getting a little warmer already) I did have a walk to check out our ice fields. No camera but thanks to the phone there is  a record anyway. I am happy that we had no snow with the cold and as I write this we are back to the normal weather pattern of mild temperatures and rain. Following are a few photographs of our ice fields.

cowichan bay ice 2014-02-08 13.11.31[BL] cowichan bay ice 2014-02-08 13.15.52[BL] cowichan bay ice 2014-02-08 13.20.29[BL] cowichan bay ice 2014-02-08 13.22.26[BL] cowichan bay ice 2014-02-08 13.26.23[BL] cowichan bay ice queens 2014-02-08 13.26.55[BL]

Thank you for traveling with me and we’ll meet again as soon as I find my umbrella. Adios for now!



Cowichan Bay Sunrise

I hear that Chinese smog is making its way to the BC coast. That is nice of course in the way that I always thought smog comes kind of from the local mills and their smoke stacks. Either way smog ads color to our skies.

Yesterday morning stepping out of my frontdoor I saw this:

cb sunrise 001-[BL]

cb sunrise [BL]

The colors heralded a change of weather which is happening today. The change is from mild weather and sunshine to a little much needed rain. There are too many sunrise and sunset photographs in the world but we all like to show them sometimes, so I hope you enjoyed these.



Cowichan Bay 2013 finals

I have a weird addiction of photographing beyond the capabilities of the camera. Even when upgrading I still have to go that extra impossible step. ayayay!

The phone is used here where the camera wouldn’t do. Straight from the hip.




The photo above makes us look at the village from the Government Wharf

2013-12-31 07.31.20-1

2013-12-31_07-32-46_HDR 2013-12-31_07-33-43_HDR 2013-12-31_07-35-07_HDR

Actually quite happy to be rid of this year and looking forward to 2014. I’m on my way to a small celebration and will see you all in 2014. All the best and take care.

In the pitch black I used the “HDR Camera+” app. They keep on asking me to upgrade to something with more functions (a bit of a nuissance), but the app is good as is. Using different cameras for different functions this is the most used camera app on my phone.


Cowichan Bay prawn festival

Setting up camp on this early Sunday morning has begun.

prawn fest 016ed

In this part of the world we have the spot prawn which is the largest of the bunch. The allotted time for catching these is in May and June. Sunday past saw the Cowichan Bay prawn festival. All it really is is a gigantic prawn selling and buying event.  Tons of people (mostly buyers) attend and the final result is a festive market atmosphere with local vendors’ sales, exhibitions, prawn cooking demonstrations, music, that sort of thing.

Three sales outlets, one on the Government Wharf, one below it from the boat, and the third one two minutes up the road at the fish monger‘s, had a  mass of people lined up throughout the day


prawn fest2 024cr

prawn fest2 004cr-cu-gr3

This Sunday was one of those perfect spring days, sunny but never hot, and people whether waiting or promenading had a great time.

prawn fest2 011cr3

prawn fest2 075ed

prawn fest2 007

Even though this is the season for fresh prawns, the buyers are clearly intent to fill their freezers as well. They have come here from up and down Vancouver Island and I expect to see them back in 2014 during the next Cowichan Bay prawn festival.

prawn fest2 035 lum2-cu-cr-intel

here is more information about prawns and cooking them in different ways.


Heavy Metal in Cowichan Bay

No words, just pictures, each one being equal to a thousand words, make up today`s posting.

Iron Maiden cb 033cr-calc2-scr-gr

Prawnstar cb 014int

Double Decker cb 072calc-gr-splto-BL

Neocaligus to Iron Maiden cb 082cr-calc-gr2b-BL

Did you like this short excursion on the first warm early morning of the season? We were alone but now it is busier and many of the people here checking things out carry cameras. Photo ops are everywhere.  For us it is time now for that first cup of coffee and so up the ramp we go to visit that neat little coffee shop right next to the chandler.

Ramp and Boathouse cb 099cr

Night Time

bay-bw (1)b

Lately I haven’t been able to spend the time here that this blog deserves, but we are still afloat and secure even though today it is time to re do the lines that hold the house in place. One house corner  broke free during the recent storm. Life on the water is an adventure and being prepared is the secret to saving a situation. Anyway, beside some wind, what we have  is rain and more rain. Here is a night time photograph taken down the dock.