tidal pools and more

Sombrio Beach, 10 km south of Port Renfrew, is in the picture today. During August that place just gets into a fog. If staying there for any amount of time you may want to get off the beach back onto the road so far above where the ocean is. The ocean from up there is hidden by a flat layer of white cloud one can look down upon (like in a plane sometimes). From down below it is the fog that mostly hides the sun but not totally. The light changes minute by minute according to the way the sun can get through.
Tidal pools are definitely an attractive feature of this part of the beach.
Sombrio Beach [BL]
sombrio tidal pool

sombrio tidal pool [BL]

Sombrio tidal pool2 [BL]

There is a lot of tiny life in these pools. Mostly those critters are only noticed as they move. A video camera may show these crawling creepers where as I with my camera do not get close enough. There is larger activity as well as shows in the following two photos.
sombrio tidal pool 4 [BL]

sombrio tidal pool 5 [BL]

On this particular day there were mostly five minute openings where the fog parted to show that there is sunlight beyond that cloud.

The light changes continually as the haze swirls.
These people, walking the Juan de Fuca trail, just now descended on Sombrio one of the many beaches along this trail. Every beach has a different look and feel from the ones next to it with some of them to mystical or beautiful for words. Sombrio fits in very nicely with some of the finest on this coastline.


The Mist

No words just pictures. As always when driving or walking through the Cliffs development on Mount Tzouhalem I look  for scenic views. This time it was about the lack of views

the mist 023-bl

the mist 025-bl

the mist 027-bl

the mist 013-bl

the mist 014-bl

the mist 016-bl

the mist 018-bl

the mist 020-bl

the mist 021-bl

the mist 022-bl

These photos went through Photoshop to make the file size a bit smaller but otherwise they are comparable to photos from a role of film like in the olden days that got developed and printed straight  in a lab.