Cowichan Bay Sunrise

I hear that Chinese smog is making its way to the BC coast. That is nice of course in the way that I always thought smog comes kind of from the local mills and their smoke stacks. Either way smog ads color to our skies.

Yesterday morning stepping out of my frontdoor I saw this:

cb sunrise 001-[BL]

cb sunrise [BL]

The colors heralded a change of weather which is happening today. The change is from mild weather and sunshine to a little much needed rain. There are too many sunrise and sunset photographs in the world but we all like to show them sometimes, so I hope you enjoyed these.



Night Time

bay-bw (1)b

Lately I haven’t been able to spend the time here that this blog deserves, but we are still afloat and secure even though today it is time to re do the lines that hold the house in place. One house corner  broke free during the recent storm. Life on the water is an adventure and being prepared is the secret to saving a situation. Anyway, beside some wind, what we have  is rain and more rain. Here is a night time photograph taken down the dock.


Mill Bay Marina

Early spring 2010 the coastline here went through a damaging storm that all but wiped out the Mill Bay Marina. My beloved took a few photos the day after that storm.
 Soon after this storm the rebuilding was started with plans bigger than just the marina. And even though bare framing still shows inside the main building, the Mill Bay Marina is open again for business. One wonders about breakwaters on this weather exposed seaside marina. Instead of breakwaters this marina opted for a very powerful rebuild and it certainly looks like it should be able to take a storm and protect its boats.
 The gate closes between 5 o’clock at night and 8 in the morning. Which, for a marina, is a great security idea.
 Here is a good idea for those wide ramp railings. The marina installed two strands of wire above the railing. This keeps the seagulls off these railings and us people can actually lay our hands on it.